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Home Inspections 

In this competitive market, where multiple offers are an everyday thing, you need a home inspection company that can perform a home inspection within a few days, offer all of the services needed to cover your back and produce a report in a timely manner. We have you covered. Our team of home inspectors and techs perform full home inspections, septic inspections, chimney inspections, pest inspections, well inspections, sewer scope inspections, radon testing, pool inspections and more! Our home inspectors are crossed trained in all services, have years of construction experience, owning construction companies, flipping houses, former code enforcement officers and more! Don't fall victim to the home inspection companies who just hire licensed home inspectors. Hire a home inspection business that has EXPERIENCED home inspectors who have hand on experience. Not just a home inspection license.

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Protect yourself with a FULL SERVICE Home Inspection Company.


We Offer All Services: Pest, Septic, Pools, Chimneys, Well, Radon, Mold, Sewer Scopes & MORE!

Home Inspections Provide a Peace of Mind

The home inspection is a visual inspection of the property you have under contract. Our home inspection report will address any major concerns and give you the opportunity to have the defects discovered during the home inspection report further evaluated by a qualified contractor. Additionally, to the untrained eye many defects may seem bigger than they really are. The last thing you'd wish for is to lose a home due to a non-issue. Although we are held to a state minimum, our home inspection exceeds the NYS minimum set forth by the Department of State.


As a mult-inspector firm with hands on experience we are here to guide you through the home inspection process, and advise you on the overall condition of the home you have under contract so you can make an informed decision. 


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Exclusive One-Stop Shop Home Inspection Services

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Septic Inspections


Maintenance Inspections


Radon Testing


Bacteria Testing


Pest Inspection


Well Flow Test


Pool Inspection


Sewer Scope Inspections


Mold Assessments


Chimney Inspection 

Our Team

Our team consists of home inspectors who are experienced with construction science experience. Our admin staff will conveniently schedule your home inspection along with any additional services needed.  As one of the only one-stop shop companies located in the capital district, as a full-service multi-inspector firm, we provide a streamlined inspection process. All of our home inspection services are performed on the day of the initial home inspection. Our team is trained by a former lead building inspector for the City of Albany former general contractor and owners who have hands-on experience. We hold our home inspectors to the highest standards and handpick home inspectors that have real-life construction experience.


Our goal is to provide stress-free services during a time that can be the most stressful!

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